That’s right, folks! Nearly two months after the release of The Heretic’s Guide to Homecoming, we are so excited to add a second work of fiction to the planet’s repertoire: Tales from a Library.

These tales, written by Avi Silver, will be released in a serial format every other Monday from now through October 15th. They will follow the stories of different people across nearly five thousand years, and how their lives intersect with the development of the ka-Khastan library of Aç Sulsum. Fans of The Heretic’s Guide and aspiring shalledrologists take note– these tales are ripe with Bereni history, and just might reveal some secrets worth cataloging in your own personal library.

Keep an eye out for changes in our headers, both on this page and on our social media pages! When a new icon is added, you’ll know that the latest story is available for your reading pleasure.

For now, enjoy the first of the tales: The Burning.