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North Berena

A Landscape Rich with History

Home to two major libraries and the infamous Trans-Bereni Highway, this continent has no shortage of sites to see. Marvel at the beauty of Chalisto’s Belt, pay your respects to the Yükbasar family, and avoid the Shaipurin rainforest.


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The Shatterlands

A Place of Desolate Beauty

This jagged circle of islands is all that remains of the land that once connected the massive Bereni Supercontinent. At the heart of it sits the Shattering, the eerie wonder no one dares approach too closely.

The Ancient World

Life Before the Shattering

Before the catastrophic event known as The Shattering, the world was a different place. The Bereni Supercontinent ran pole to pole, dominated by a cruel species: the shalledrim.

South Berena

The Badlands and Their Oases

From the bustling university city of Padjenne to the breathtaking salt flats of Acharrio to the volcanic Ashlands, South Berena is a land of natural beauty and human innovation. Breathe in the spices and admire the local textiles!


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