Shale's Official Pronunciation Guide

because it had to happen sooner or later!

As you travel and explore the far reaches of Shale, no doubt you will come across strange and wonderful lands where the inhabitants do not speak a language you know! Have no fear: with the Shale Pronunciation Guide, you’ll be talking like a local in no time.

Simply click on the audio clip beneath a name/word/phrase to hear how it sounds in its (approximately) native pronunciation. Enjoy!

A note on your headcanon pronunciations: Language is ever-shifting and countless variations exist, so if you’ve been saying it a different way this whole time, perhaps you’re not wrong! Perhaps you are simply from a little further out west, or from 200 years in the future, or else you have an accent. 😉


Ronoah Genoveffa Elizzi-denna Pilanovani (Ronoah)
/ro-NO-ah djeh-no-VEH-fa eh-lee-tzi-DEH-na pee-la-no-VAH-nee/



Ngeome (or Ngeyyo)
/ngay-OH-may/; /NGAY-oh/

Lelos (or Lele)
/LAY-lohs/; /lay-lay/


Acharrio (Acharrioni)
/ah-CHA-ree-oh/; /ah-cha-ree-OH-nee/

Pilanova (Pilanovani)
/pee-la-NOH-vah/; /pee-la-noh-VAH-nee/

Mbazalza (Mbazalzni)
/mm-bah-ZAL-zah/; /mm-bah-ZAL-znee/