Cygmia bow before the natural world Cygmia revel in contradiction Cygmia put the "wild" in wildlife

Untouched by shalledrim rule, all manner of life on Cygmia has thrived for thousands of years in an environment as captivating as it is treacherous. Decorated with dense rainforests and formidable deserts alike, the humans fierce enough to survive the climate have had no trouble managing their own empires. Daring explorers might discover floating mountains, fearsome reptiles, and many innovative communities–but they mustn’t underestimate the land if they wish to find their way home.

Qiao Sidh

The formidable Qiao Sidhur Empire has expanded time and time again over the centuries, and as of 4711, controls all of Cygmia’s northern island mass. To be a citizen is to be a contributing member of the nation’s continued growth, following individual Paths of Mastery in order to achieve greatness on behalf of the Empire. While the vast land is home to an incredibly diverse range of cultures, many Qiao Sidhur define themselves by the Imperial standard modeled by the royal family.

One could easily spend a lifetime exploring the striking biodiversity of the upper continent, trekking through the ice-capped mountains of the north down to the balmy coasts of the south. The tri-capital cities of Hálpadh Mei, Hvallánzhou, and Asgørindad all have their own unique flavours, and reflect the many nuances of Qiao Sidh and its complex history, marked by its thirst for beauty, conquest, and all that floats in between.

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The Gãepongwei region of Cygmia is home to dozens of tribes of varying size that identify themselves as “hmun”, descendants of the ancient civilization of Polhmun Ão. Tucked away among the dense and deadly rainforest, these communities have established themselves within mountains, behind waterfalls, beneath tangles of tree roots, and elsewhere. Together, they operate on a careful trade route, mindful to respect the land which would happily devour anyone who steps out of line. Disruptions to the trade route, and other social structures, can spell death for unprepared communities, so individual hmun are often rigid in their beliefs and laws.

From the tip of the continent to the edges of the southernmost hmun, the rainforests of Gãepongwei are teeming with life. The enormous lizard-like sãoni are the some of the greatest predators of the continent, but as long as they remain on their migration pattern, they are easy enough for the clever traveler to avoid. In the chaos of Gãepongwei, nature itself is the ultimate law—and she has plenty of wonder to offer to anyone brave enough to face her.

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