The Shatterlands discover the planet's greatest scar The Shatterlands seek the ghosts of history The Shatterlands find beauty in the treacherous waters

Prior to the catastrophic event known as the Shattering, this region marked the center of the Bereni Supercontinent, a landmass extending between the north and south poles of Shale. All that remains today is a cluster of islands known as the Shatterlands, which encircle the eerie remains of the Shattering itself. Though many explorers long to touch down on that great glass expanse, none who have tried have ever returned.


One of three island nations that make up the Shatterlands, Tyro’s coast is lined with many jagged bluffs where the land was torn apart by the Shattering and slowly weathered down over time by the Shattered Sea. On a clear day, if you look closely, you might be able to catch a glimpse of light reflecting off of the great glass Shattering in the distance. The primary costal entry point is the trade town of Loaha, visited by Ronoah Genoveffa Elizzi-denna Pilanovani in 4909AS.

Tyro is home to the a-Meyehu people, referred to simply as the Tyrene by their Chiropolene trade partners. Very little of their culture is known to the outside world, as the a-Meheyu are an immensely private people. Living in such close proximity to the Shattering has made them subject to much uncomfortable speculation and gossip over the years, which they have responded to with even greater secrecy…

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The Shattered Sea

The body of water surrounding the Shattering and its islands is known as the Shattered Sea. It is treacherous to navigate, and has been known to swallow many ships whole even in the best of conditions. Only the boldest adventurers, or most hardened local fishermen, dare to sail outside of the established routes.

The marine life of the sea is equally strange and deadly; many marine biologists have noted that the creatures of the deep appear to become more hostile the closer their migration patterns get to the Shattering itself. But fishing for these creatures is not entirely without merit. Take for example the Tri-Clawed Howler Crab, found on the eastern coast of Phares; though it emits a horrible, ear-splitting screech when it is raised up from the water, the meat in the legs is a local delicacy, and can fetch a high price in the markets.

The Shattering

The Shattering is the name given both to the catastrophic event that destroyed the Bereni Supercontinent nearly 5000 years ago and the great scar that was left following the disaster. No one knows what it was that caused the Shattering, but scholars agree that it marked the beginning of the end of the Shalledrim Empire, and that it nearly destroyed the entire planet. Regions on every continent of Shale contain records from this time period of the apocalyptic weather conditions that made people truly believe the end of the world was upon them, particularly in Berena.

Today, the Shattering is marked by leagues of what appears to be glass spanning across the Shattered Sea. Many explorers have attempted to navigate around the islets which surround it most closely, but no one who has ever reached the glass itself has made it back to tell of what they found. Along with this, the reports of the sailors who have approached the Shattering all follow a pattern of becoming increasingly disjointed and paranoid. Some say it is simply the hysteria associated with the fear of all the landmark represents, but many scholars agree there is something inexplicable and sinister about the glass that makes it best left untouched.

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